Lifestyle Weight Management
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HHP JeansWeight loss (and management) is serious business...

but it doesn't have to be hard!

Are you tired of fighting a weight battle?

Do you want your shape back?

Do you just want to feel healthy again?


Then you've come to the right place!

True weight loss begins and ends with eating properly now... and forever. The founding principle of the  Lifestyle Weight Management System is to teach and enable everyone to respond to their appetites and to put an end to overeating forever. We do this by applying simple behavior-changing techniques that anyone can learn and everyone can enjoy.

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And we teach you how to lose weight in such a unique, fun and affordable way, you can get started now!


And thank you for visiting! If you're here, it probably means someone you know has already been through the program. Perhaps you've already seen the results. Obesity is at an all-time high in America and people are searching for solutions. We deliver them. You are invited to peruse the site, ask questions, post comments in the forum and add your name to our waiting list or go straight to booking a party.

The premise of our system is simple:

  1. Attend one of our parties and get educated on healthy, proper eating habits by a certified LWMS Home Party specialist.
  2. Learn techniques to create healthier, permanent eating habits.
  3. Experience a light trance state and the power of "focused concentration relaxation" to fast-track these changes in your lifestyle.
  4. Leave with the LWMS informative workbook, a free audio CD program to continue the program and the knowledge you need to begin losing weight immediately!
  5. Do it all for a very affordable price! As little as $45 per person.

Is it really so simple? Absolutely! Again, we encourage you to review our site, read our success stories and finally, make up you mind to make permanent changes in your lifestyle that will enable you to live a happier, healthier and longer life!

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About the "Lifestyle Weight Management System Home Party"

The Lifestyle Weight Management System was designed by Matt Dawson, CH. Until mid-2007, Matt primarily focused his talents on comedy hypnosis shows, performing for schools, fraternal organizations and corporations throughout the Midwest.

Having seen the success of the program, Matt set out to spread his unique approach to weight management. Matt has now personally trained a few selected certified hypnotists and Lino Esguerra is one of these. With this initial batch of certified Lifestyle Weight Loss Management specialists, we are now well on our way to reaching thousands.

We certainly hope, if you're one of the millions of people who desire to lose weight effectively, permanently and in a healthy manner, you will join us. Share your input and your success and be a part of a program that is bound for greatness... because it centers around you!

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378 Attendees
and growing

3,262 pounds of confirmed weight loss 
since June 2007

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"It took only a few months for me to lose over 20 pounds. This was easy... almost too easy. As clich as it sounds, it feels too good to be true. - Doug D., Bucyrus, OH"

Who would have thought that hypnosis could help you lose weight? Not me! After trying so many other diets, I thought I'd at least give it a try. Now I'm definitely a believer. In three months, I lost 33 pounds! I love to see the reactions when I tell people how I did it! To date, I've lost over 70 pounds!- Dori B., Bloomville, OH"

"I've lost 60 pounds in just over three months. Before, I was on oxygen and needed help getting around. If I can do it, anyone can! - R. Anne, Bucyrus, OH"