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Does losing weight with hypnosis really work?

Losing weight with hypnosis works by giving you control of your appetite, but changing behaviors is typically not an easy thing to do. By utilizing light-trance hypnosis or hypnotic techniques, it makes this change much easier, if not effortless. Participants of our program rarely change what they eat, but rather focus on eating appropriate portions.


Is hypnosis dangerous?

Not at all. It is purposefully getting one into a relaxed condition that allows the subconscious mind to focus on the suggestions given to it and work in conjunction with the conscious. Easily defined, hypnosis is focused concentration and aids in creating positive, permanent behavior changes.


Will I have to count calories or do a lot of extra work?

That's entirely up to you. Using the program properly will have you eating less, though it is not necessary to count calories - in fact, we don't bother with any calorie-tracking method as this creates more work for you. However, it never hurts to become familiar with what you're putting in your body.


I have a friend who tried this and lost a lot of weight. Will I experience the same results?

Everybody is different. Those who listen to the brief audio programs every day as advised tend to do much better than those that don't, though many do fine without using them at all and simply applying the techniques we teach. Some people will also lose weight faster than others. The thing to keep in mind is that as long as your eating habits have changed (for the better), you will lose weight steadily and keep it off forever. This is not a diet plan - it's a lifestyle change.


How long does it take to lose weight?

Most people begin losing weight immediately. The key to our success is that this is not a calorie-restrictive dieting plan. What you start out eating in the beginning will most likely be how you eat from now on. You won't go hungry, but neither will you engorge or overeat. So unlike dieting plans that will have you dropping a lot of weight immediately (only to gain it back later), your success will be measured by losing bit by bit, without any more effort than the knowledge you are in control of how you eat.


Who started this program and why?

Matt Dawson first made his mark performing comedy hypnosis shows for corporate parties, clubs and school events. Matt created this program to aid in losing weight himself, utilizing his knowledge with hypnosis, along with health and nutrition. In a rather short amount of time, he dropped 48 pounds and got back to a healthy weight of 153 pounds. This experience made Matt realize that it is indeed up to oneself to take back control of one's eating habits. However, everywhere we go we are encouraged to eat more than we need and obesity is at an all-time high as a result. Although Matt still performs nearly 70 comedy hypnosis shows each year, he hopes to bring this program to everyone who has sincerely struggled with dieting or could never feel in control of their eating behaviors.


Where do these parties take place?

In people's homes, at churches, businesses, resorts, anywhere you want! As long as there is room available, we'll show up and deliver a great seminar.


What if I don't lose weight? Can I get my money back?

We sincerely encourage every attendee for feedback and offer additional help, if needed. If you don't lose weight, then you haven't changed your eating habits - you are welcome to come back for another session. We offer to every attendee free and discounted sessions after the first one. The second seminar you attend will be free. Every seminar following will be at half price. Some of our alumni tend to come to quite a few seminars for reinforcement, as well as group support!


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"It took only a few months for me to lose over 20 pounds. This was easy... almost too easy. As cliché as it sounds, it feels too good to be true. - Doug D., Bucyrus, OH"

Who would have thought that hypnosis could help you lose weight? Not me! After trying so many other diets, I thought I'd at least give it a try. Now I'm definitely a believer. In three months, I lost 33 pounds! I love to see the reactions when I tell people how I did it! To date, I've lost over 70 pounds!- Dori B., Bloomville, OH"

"I've lost 60 pounds in just over three months. Before, I was on oxygen and needed help getting around. If I can do it, anyone can! - R. Anne, Bucyrus, OH"